Don’t Call Them Bird-Brained 四肢發達頭腦卻不簡單的禿鼻鴉



These rooks are some real smarty-pants.



Did you know that rooks are among the most intelligent birds in the world? They come from the same intelligent family of birds that includes ravens, crows, and magpies. Rooks’ brains are very large relative to their size, so they can learn how to perform tasks very quickly. One test with rooks showed that they could quickly choose the right tool to lift a bucket and finally get the food they wanted.



At a history-themed amusement park in France, workers were disappointed that people kept dropping trash all over the grounds, so they gave rooks a special task. When someone drops a small piece of garbage, the rooks are trained to go pick it up. The workers came up with a clever way to train the rooks. They use a special box that gives out food each time a rook deposits a piece of trash. This means that the rooks are rewarded for their work. Sometimes, however, these smart rooks will try to drop things like small pieces of wood into the box, just to get a treat. Cheating at this task shows just how truly intelligent the rooks actually are. 



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