Seoul to plant 30 million trees by 2020 to fight fine dust - 首爾將在2020年前植3000萬棵樹對抗粉塵





A total of 30 million trees will be planted in Seoul by 2022 and two large forests will be created as part of efforts to mitigate worsening air pollution and urban heat, the Seoul Metropolitan Government announced Tuesday.



The city government has already planted 15 million trees between 2014 and last year, planning to plant an additional 15 million trees. Thirty million trees would have the effect of reducing particulate pollution generated by 64,000 aged diesel cars per year, and producing oxygen equivalent to the amount that 21 million adults inhale per year, the city said.



Two forests will be formed by 2021 in partnership with the Korea Forest Service near Gwanaksan in southern Seoul and Bukhansan in northern Seoul. Car-only highways such as the Olympic Expressway and the Gangbyeon Expressway will be lined with 2.1 million more trees by 2022, the city said.




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