It’s Time for TikTok一起來「抖音」吧



The popular streaming app is currently the top destination for short-form videos.


TikTok is the world’s most popular video-sharing app. Since it came out in 2016, it has been downloaded by over 500 million people. TikTok lets people create videos of themselves pretending to sing popular songs. As they lip sync, users will dance or do funny things to make their videos interesting. Users can even use special video effects to make themselves look like monsters, animals, or fashion models. Once the videos are finished, they can be shared online. Since the videos are under 60 seconds, they are quick and easy to make.

抖音是世上最受歡迎的手機影片分享應用程式。自從它在 2016 年問世後,已被五億多人下載了。抖音讓人以假裝唱流行歌曲的方式來創作影片。使用者在對嘴的時候,他們會跳舞或是做滑稽的事情來讓影片變有趣。使用者甚至能用影片特效來讓他們看起來像怪獸、動物、或是時尚模特兒。一旦影片完成後,就可以放上網分享。因為影片不到六十秒,所以製作起來很迅速簡單。


TikTok videos are also addictive to watch, as they can provide a quick laugh. The app is most popular with kids and teenagers. It gives them a way to show off their personalities and connect with others. Some adults are also using TikTok to create silly videos and relieve some stress. Content on TikTok is always changing as well. Users are cooking, performing magic tricks, and showing off their pets to add variety to their videos. Whatever the future holds for TikTok, it’s sure to be fun!



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