Hannah’s No-Buy Year 一起來挑戰一年不買東西!




Learn how one woman finally beat her debt cycle.



  Hannah Louise Poston had a shopping problem and she knew it. She decided to do something about it: for a whole year, she wouldn’t buy anything beyond her day-to-day needs. She called it a “no-buy year” and recorded her challenge on YouTube.



  Before setting this challenge, Poston would spend her afternoons shopping in Sephora for beauty products, even if she didn’t need anything. Whenever she had to pay off her credit card, she would panic. During her no-buy year, she learned a lot about herself and gained a small following on her YouTube channel. Poston realized that she used her shopping habit as a way to avoid dealing with certain things in her life. By setting out on a no-buy year, she was able to start fixing her habits and control her drive to shop.

  在定下這項挑戰前,波絲頓過去會花整個下午在絲芙蘭(編按:此為美國一家連鎖化妝品店)血拚美妝用品,即使她根本不需要任何東西。每當她要付信用卡卡費時,她都會很惶恐。在一年不買東西的期間,她更了解自己許多方面,並在個人 YouTube 頻道上擁有一小批粉絲。波絲頓領悟到她過去把血拼習慣來當作逃避處理人生某些事的方式。藉由一年不買東西,她能開始改善血拼習慣控制其購物慾。


  People often find themselves buying more and more stuff. Shopping for stuff fills up our closets, takes up our time, and leaves our wallets empty. If you find yourself with these problems, try a no-buy year, or just a month. You might be surprised by the difference it can make.



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