Lost Treasures of the Maya  馬雅失落寶藏




by Lauren McCarthy


  The Maya civilization was once one of Mesoamerica's most advanced cultures. They excelled in architecture, mathematics, and astronomy. The end of their Classic period in 950 CE marked the beginning of the slow collapse of the civilization. The cause for the decline is still unknown, though some theories include war, climate change, and overpopulation. In the 1500s, the last remaining Maya cities were conquered by Spanish forces. Over time, the remnants of this civilization were swallowed up by the jungle. Today, those remains are being rediscovered, a journey you can witness in Lost Treasures of the Maya.

  馬雅文明曾是中部美洲最進步的文化之一。它們在建築學、數學和天文學領域都出類拔萃。公元 950 年古典時期的結束標誌著該文明緩慢瓦解的開始。儘管有一些包括戰爭、氣候變遷和人口過剩的理論,但導致衰落的原因仍然未知。在十六世紀,僅存的馬雅城市被西班牙軍隊征服。隨著時間的推移,這個文明的殘骸被叢林吞沒。如今,那些殘骸被重新發現,你可以在《馬雅失落寶藏》中看到這個過程。


  Featuring a team led by National Geographic Explorer Albert Lin, this four-part documentary explores a past that has been hidden for hundreds of years. Thanks to new laser imaging technology, archaeologists have uncovered more than 60,000 Maya structures buried deep in the jungles of Central America. Dropped into the Guatemalan wilderness, Lin heads off in search of information related to the Snake Kings, a Maya dynasty that lived roughly 1,500 years ago.



  The Snake Kings, also known as the Kaanul rulers, were the heads of one of the most powerful kingdoms in the Maya civilization. As archaeologists have unearthed more Maya artifacts, they have discovered new information about this ancient ruling dynasty. Lin treks to a sacred altar with inscriptions that reveal when the Snake Kings first took command of the city of La Corona and how they expanded their empire. Following the newly created map of ancient Maya cities and villages, Lin travels to numerous pyramids where ceremonial and religious artifacts found in underground caves help explain the story of these one-time rulers. With National Geographic's Lost Treasures of the Maya, you can venture along in this quest for long-lost answers about a piece of Maya history.




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