Long Live the Lazy 越懶活得越久!?


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Could being lazy add years to your life?



  Sometimes, it feels great to spend a weekend on the couch, watching TV and playing video games. The only problem is that later you might feel guilty for having been lazy. Studies show that relaxing and doing nothing could be a smart move. In fact, being lazy could help you live a longer life.



  In a new study, scientists looked at the bones of over 300 animal species. They learned that the species that burn off calories faster usually die out quicker. Meanwhile, lazy species that use less energy have a better chance of survival. Some experts believe this happens because animals have a certain amount of energy to spend in life. Exercise and hard work make us use this energy up faster. These activities also add more stress to our bodies, so we age faster. On the other hand, our bodies can repair themselves when we relax.



  This doesn’t mean we should spend all day doing nothing, though. Light exercise still offers many health benefits. Just remember to stay balanced by leaving a little time for lazy living.



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