A Marathon of Food, Wine, and Fun 史上最「酒」馬拉松




by Daniel Howard


  A marathon is one of the most challenging athletic competitions. Running for more than 42 kilometers requires a lot of training and discipline. For some people, it is the most difficult thing they will ever do. But the Marathon du Medoc—formally the Marathon des Chateaux du Medoc—motivates its runners with unexpected perks: live shows, gourmet foods, and top-tier wine.


  The Marathon du Medoc is unique among marathons for its dedication to fun and local culture. The night before the race is often filled with feasting and partying; the Pasta Party is famous for being both delicious and exhausting. The fun then continues after the marathon with more food, music, dancing, and wine. There is even a ball open to all competitors and spectators followed by a fireworks show. However, that's nothing compared to the race.


  Runners must compete in a costume. The theme for 2019 is superheroes, so runners are expected to dress up like Wonder Woman or Captain America. Over the course of the race, runners have the opportunity to sample local wines and produce. There are a total of 22 refreshment stands, 21 food stands, and 51 live events along the route. Local schoolchildren are also known to dress up in costumes and cheer competitors on. Runners have six and a half hours to finish the race, and unlike in most marathons, many participants choose to take a more relaxed pace. This way, they can enjoy the amazing wines from the nearby vineyards and the gourmet foods like fresh oysters and locally sourced steaks.
  跑者必須穿著奇裝異服來參賽。2019 年的主題是超級英雄,因此跑者被預期會打扮得像神力女超人或美國隊長。在比賽過程中,跑者有機會品嚐當地的紅酒及農產品。沿著路線總共會有二十二個點心飲料攤、二十一個小吃攤以及五十一個現場活動。據說當地學童也會盛裝打扮為選手加油。跑者有六個半小時來完成比賽,且與大多數馬拉松不同的是,許多參賽者選擇較放鬆的步調。如此一來,他們就能享用附近葡萄園的美酒,以及像是新鮮生蠔和當地生產的牛排等佳餚美食。


  However, for anyone thinking that the Marathon du Medoc is just a fun walk in the country, it is worth remembering that it is still a difficult race. There are a limited number of runners allowed to participate, and each has to provide a medical certificate to show that they are able to handle the run. The health check might not say whether runners can manage all the food, dancing, and wine, but it sure sounds like fun.


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