DNA Of A Nevada Man Changes Due To Bone Marrow Transplant






Four years ago, Chris had gained a bone marrow from the German. At the time, they intended to tract Chris’ acute myeloid leukemia. It is a type of cancer that obstructs the process of blood production.



Chris underwent tests after three months of the procedure. Surprisingly, the outcomes revealed the DNA in Chris’ blood had altered. Now, he has the DNA of an unknown German donor.



After four years of the life-saving process, the DNA has affected Chris’ cheeks as well as swabs of his lips. Even more, all of the DNA, including ones in semen, contains the DNA of the donor.



But samples of the hair at chest and head have not revealed the altered DNA; they show up Chris’ original DNA. Darby, a co-worker of Chris, said they were surprised to see Chris no more exists at all.



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