New Laws Target People In Thailand Who Smoke At Home







Smoking in your own home in Thailand may now be considered a crime, if the smoke is considered harmful to other people in the house.



The law aims at curbing smoking at home which might be hazardous for others’ health residing under the same roof. In that case, it will be considered as ‘domestic violence’. The new law came into force on August 20.



Once convicted, the court may order a person to receive treatment to quit smoking in an attempt to protect the person’s family.



According to the center for research and knowledge management for tobacco control, at the Faculty of Medical Science of Mahidol University, there are about 4.9 million households where one or more family members smoke.



An average of 10.3 million people have unwittingly become passive smokers because they’ve been inhaling smoke at home. Scientific studies show that passive smokers are at greater risk of being affected by cancer.



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