A Hope More Powerful than the Sea





This moving tale takes a closer look into the lives of refugees.



A Hope More Powerful than the Sea is a true story about a refugee’s struggle to start a new life. At the start of the book, Doaa Al Zamel is just a normal teenager living in Syria. Then, the Syrian civil war starts. She joins a peaceful protest against her government and gets shot by a soldier. To stay safe, Doaa and her family move to Egypt. Doaa is forced to quit school and work in a factory to help support her family. Soon after, she meets another refugee and they get married.



Life in Egypt is dangerous, though, so Doaa and her husband try to move to Europe. On the way there, their boat is attacked by pirates and starts to sink. The passengers all jump into the sea and start drowning one by one. Doaa rescues a baby and grabs anything she can find to float. She’s forced to watch as her husband dies in front of her eyes. Although she’s cold and tired, Doaa continues trying to keep herself and the baby alive. After four days, a Japanese boat finally arrives and rescues Doaa and the baby.



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