First Asteroid Found Inside Orbit of Venus







A rare asteroid orbiting snugly within the inner confines of our solar system has been discovered by Caltech’s Zwicky Transient Facility, or ZTF, a survey camera based at Palomar Observatory.



The newfound body, named 2020 AV2, is the first asteroid found to orbit entirely within the orbit of Venus. 2020 AV2 belongs to a small class of asteroids known as Atiras, which are bodies with orbits that fall within the orbit of Earth.

這顆新發現的天體,被命名為「2020 AV2」,是第一顆完全在金星軌道內運行的小行星。2020 AV2隸屬於運行軌道落在地球軌道內的「Atira」型小行星群。


The ZTF camera is particularly adept at finding asteroids because it scans the entire sky rapidly and thus can catch the asteroids during their short-lived appearances in the night sky.



2020 AV2 is the third Atira discovered by ZTF as part of its Twilight program developed by Wing-Huen Ip of the National Central University in Taiwan, and Quanzhi Ye, formerly of Caltech and now at the University of Maryland.

2020 AV2是史維基瞬變設備發現的第三顆Atira型小行星,也是「暮光巡天」觀測計畫的一部分,該計畫由台灣中央大學的葉永烜(Wing-Huen Ip),與早前在加州理工學院、目前在(美國)馬里蘭大學的葉泉志(Quanzhi Ye)推動。


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