Yingge: Taiwan’s Ceramics Capital

鶯歌 ── 臺灣的陶瓷之都




With so much to see and do, visitors to Yingge won’t be disappointed.



In the southern part of New Taipei City, just outside Taoyuan, lies the district of Yingge. This small area is the pottery and ceramics capital of Taiwan. With a long history of producing pottery and ceramic arts, Yingge is a great place for visitors to take a day trip from Taipei.



To better understand the region’s history, a trip to the Yingge Ceramics Museum is a good place to start. In this beautiful two-story building, visitors can learn about the famous Wu An, the first potter to settle in the area nearly 200 years ago. Hundreds of pieces of ceramics are on display there. There is also a DIY area where visitors can make their own pottery.



After visiting the museum, Yingge “Old Street” is certainly worth checking out. The street has over 100 stores selling a variety of ceramics and also hosts street performances on weekends. Visitors that still have energy can hike to Yingge Rock, the large stone that Yingge gets its name from. From there, one can enjoy the view from above while watching the sun set on this interesting, historical town.



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