Walking on the Sky in Bolivia





Bolivia is one of South America’s safest countries and surprisingly one of its least visited. Queen Victoria may be to blame, as she once crossed the country off a map and declared that “Bolivia does not exist.” That being said, don’t let her opinion keep you from visiting this beautiful country.



Many people visit Bolivia to see the Salar de Uyuni, where you can walk on the “sky.” This place is actually a salt flat, which is a kind of desert covered in salt. During the rainy season, the salt flat floodscreating a surface like a mirror, which makes it hard to tell where the sky ends and the earth begins. Take a photo, and it will look like you are floating in space.



Another popular spot is Laguna Colorada. This otherworldly salt lake is only one meter deep, and its dark red color creates a jaw-dropping contrast against the deep blue sky. Although some claim the water is the blood of the gods, the blood-red color is in fact caused by red sediments and algae. This stunning natural landscape also provides the perfect background to take in the area’s population of rare flamingos.



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