Human ‘screenome’ may give insight into human health







To understand how people use digital media, researchers need to move beyond screen time and capture everything we do and see on our screens.



Digital media — in particular, social media — have powerful and invariable effects on human behaviour. Policies and advice must be informed by accurate assessments of media use. These should involve moment-by-moment capture of what people are doing and when, and machine analysis of the content on their screens and the order in which it appears.



According to a 2019 systematic review and meta-analysis, over the past 12 years, 226 studies have examined how media use is related to psychological well-being.



The meta-analysis found almost no systematic relationship between people’s levels of exposure to digital media and their well-being. But almost all of these 226 studies used responses to interviews or questionnaires about how long people had spent on social media.



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