Starving Seagull Attacks on the Rise





Hungry seagulls are a growing problem in coastal areas.



 Seagulls are a common sight on beaches around the world. These large, noisy birds can appear friendly, especially to visitors who have brought a picnic!



  Many people like to feed seagulls as a kind of entertainment. It can be amusing to watch the birds fighting over little pieces of bread or chips. However, when animals get used to being fed by humans, they will lose their fear of them and may become aggressive. Seagulls are not very dangerous, but they have been known to attack humans, usually people that are holding food.



  The usual food sources of seagulls, and all birds, are threatened by climate change, so their feeding habits are changing. Seagulls have been seen eating pigeons, rabbits, and even other seagulls. On occasion, they will even drink beer, which makes it difficult for them to fly and can result in other unusual behavior.



  If you are an animal lover, it is best to avoid offering animals any kind of human food.



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