When in Rome





While traveling to other countries and experiencing new cultures is exciting, it’s every traveler’s duty to respect the local culture and follow local laws. That means no chewing gum in Singapore or no singing on Roman buses.




The latter is one of several new laws that were introduced in Italy in 2019 to protect and preserve the city of Rome. Visitors and citizens can now get in trouble for a variety of things, from messy eating in public places to swimming in city fountains. But it’s another law that has got people talking: no sitting on the Spanish Steps.

Made famous by the movie Roman Holiday, these steps attract large crowds of people every day. Tourists are still allowed to take a picture, but if you want to sit down, it will cost you. People caught breaking this new law can be hit with a fine of up to €400, or US$450. Although it may seem like a strange law, it was made with the best of intentionsto keep the ancient city of Rome beautiful for generations to come.



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