MARSHMELLO: Joy to the World One Beat at a Time





He made over $40 million last year but still refuses to tell anyone his name. He’s one of the most popular music producers in the world, but few have ever seen his face. The mystery surrounding Marshmello’s identity was, initially, one of the reasons for his popularity. Even famous DJ Skrillex was obsessed with finding out who Marshmello was.



Marshmello’s look is defined by his marshmallow-shaped helmet that has its own air-conditioning and lighting system. A bright, all-white suit completes his marshmallow-themed look. As for the name, it comes from a comment a friend made, which described his music as “mellow” and easy to listen to.



The multitalented Marshmello is not just a DJ but also a producer and a songwriter. He stays independent from record labels so that he’s free to make and release music the way he wants to. That hasn’t hurt his bottom line, though. He has worked together with some of the biggest names in pop music, like Bastille on the track “Happier,” and Selena Gomez on “Wolves.” His live shows can earn him over $100,000 per performance.



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