Spotted Lake  尋找夢奇地:加拿大斑點湖




A saltwater lake in Canada fills with colored spots every summer.



  There are over 30,000 lakes in Canada, but only one has spots. The First Nations of the Okanagan region in British Columbia call the lake Kliluk, but in English, it's usually just called Spotted Lake. It is a saltwater lake that is not fed by rivers or streams. The water comes from underground sources and melting snow in the spring. When the dry summer comes, the lake starts to dry up. As the water disappears, the leftover salt appears in ring-shaped ponds of different colors, which are caused by other minerals in the lake. The effect is that around 400 multi-colored spots can be seen on the lake's surface.



  Keep in mind that it's not easy to visit this unique lake because it is privately owned by the First Nations. Even if a visitor gets permission to visit the lake from them, they still have to leave an offering for the lake itself, according to tradition. For anyone not able to visit the lake in person, though, there are nearby places to see the beautiful patterns of salt and minerals. There is even a helicopter tour. So if you're ever in Okanagan in the summer, maybe it's worth stopping by to see Spotted Lake.


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