Highly Sensitive People  高敏感一族 是福還是禍?


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The science is in: some people are way more sensitive than others.

Everyone knows at least one person who takes everything personally and often overreacts to situations. However, this person is probably also aware ofthings around them that others don’t notice. If this sounds like someone you know, there’s a good chance he or she is a highly sensitive person (HSP).


While an HSP sounds like someone who should just lighten up and stop taking everything so seriously, they really can’t help it. Being sensitive is actually part of their brain chemistry. Scientists have discovered that around 20% of the world’s population responds more strongly to experiences and emotions. A highly sensitive person will often express much stronger emotions than others. They may laugh, cry, or get angry more easily, and they are inclined to feel annoyedor insulted faster than people who aren’t highly sensitive. Criticism can ruin an HSP’s day, week, or month, while praise can have the opposite effect. Extremecases also make the person more sensitive to bright lights and loud noises. Though they may be very social, many HSPs need quite a lot of time alone, as being around people all the time can be tiring.

雖然高敏感人士聽起來很像應該放鬆就好且別再那麼認真看待每件事的人,但他們真的無法控制自己。敏感其實是他們大腦化學反應的一部分。科學家發現全球大約 20% 的人口對於經歷和情緒會產生較強烈的反應。高敏感人士往往會表現出比其他人更強烈的情緒。他們可能更容易大笑、哭泣或憤怒,和非高敏感一族的人相比,他們也更容易感到煩躁或被侮辱。批評可能會摧毀高敏感人士的一天、一星期或甚至一整個月,讚揚則會產生完全相反的效果。極端的情況也會讓這種人對明亮的燈光和嘈雜的噪音更加敏感。雖然他們可能非常善於社交,許多高敏感人士仍需要大量的獨處時間,因為長期與他人相處可能令他們感到疲累。

Luckily for highly sensitive people, there are a lot of advantages to being an HSP, too. They tend to be hyper-aware of their surroundings and are especially good at understanding how others are thinking and feeling. These traits make them good friends who are excellent listeners and attentive to others’ needs. And of course, they tend to notice things around them that others miss, so they are great at giving advice from a different perspective. Being highly sensitive can make things challenging, but it can also be an advantage. What do you think? Do the pros outweigh the cons?


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