Humans of New York:Portraits of a City


Humans of New York is a blog, but it's also much more. It's the creation of Brandon Stanton, a self-taught photographer that set out to take portraits of ordinary New Yorkers. The blog is mostly just pictures of people around New York City, sometimes with brief descriptions. The popularity of Humans of New York comes from Stanton's powerful photos, and it has given him a devoted following on social media.
Stanton hasn't stopped with the blog, however. He uses his fame, his followers, and his photos to make a real difference in the world. After Hurricane Sandy destroyed New York City, Stanton raised money for disaster relief. The campaign raised US$86,000 in the first 12 hours after he started the campaign, and by the end Stanton had raised US$318,530 to help the victims of the terrible storm.

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