Weird Hotels from around the World 來『趣』住一晚 ── 全球特色旅館




  There is no shortage2 of unique places to stay when you head out on vacation. There are hotels, youth hostels3, B&Bs4, home stays, and more. Each serves a different kind of traveler. A youth hostel is good for young backpackers. A B&B might be best for couples or anybody that likes peace and quiet. What if you like the places where you stay to be a bit outside the usual? There are plenty of travelers who like to stay in places others might consider, well, kind of strange.


   For travelers who are bookworms5, the Library Hotel in New York City is a must-see. Each of the hotel's 60 rooms is filled with books. In fact, the hotel has 6,000 books in all. What's more, each of the floors is dedicated to a specific category of the Dewey Decimal System. If history is your thing, the ninth floor is for you. People who love technology will want to stay on the sixth floor. Philosophers6 will feel at home on the 11th floor. On the roof, there's a cozy lounge where you can curl up by the fireplace with a good book or relax outside in the Poetry Garden.


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