Holland is Calling 來自荷蘭的呼喚




  The classic image of Holland is a diverse tapestry1 of tulips, windmills, clogs2, and cheese. Many travelers continue to be impressed by these time-honored staples of Dutch culture. Yet, beneath the tapestry is a sprawling3 region filled with dikes4, bridges, canals5, museums, and bicycles.


  To truly explore Holland, get a bike. With over 20,000 miles of bike paths and lanes, the best way to take in the sites is on the seat of a bicycle, and the experience only begins there. From Rembrandt to van Gogh and beyond, Hollanders have been on the cutting edge of architecture6, art, and design for the past 400 years. Take a look through any museum or view the Cube Houses in Rotterdam, and you can see that you are in a truly inspired place.


  After all the bike riding, tired travelers are encouraged to grab a bite of some local Dutch food, which can be anything from smoked sausages to eels7 and to mouthwatering cherry tarts. Amsterdam alone has over 2,000 restaurants to choose from. So don't wait to book your trip to Holland right now.


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