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A plumber with an energetic personality has achieved fame on YouTube with his strange machines.

一位個性活力十足的水管工人以他各種新奇的機械在 YouTube 上成名。


  Colin Furze is a plumber living in Lincolnshire, England. He left school at the age of 16 but has never stopped educating himself. For fun, he creates strange machines at his house and puts videos of them on YouTube. Furze's energetic personality and creative inventions have made him famous on YouTube.

  柯林‧佛茲是一個住在英國林肯郡的水管工人。他在十六歲的時候就離開學校,但是他從來沒有停止自學。為了好玩,他在家裡創造了新奇的機械,並將那些機械的影片放到 YouTube 上。佛茲活力十足的個性和充滿創意的發明讓他在 YouTube 上走紅。

  Many of Furze's gadgets are inspired by his audience, like his flame-throwing guitar or his ejector bed. Both were introduced in videos that became popular because of Furze's excitement when testing his machines. He has also made items for television shows and video games every now and then. Even though he is not an engineer, he built a working hover-bike for Ford — the car company. Amazingly, it could actually fly short distances.


  Furze has also broken a few world records. For example, one of his most amazing achievements was the world's fastest mobility scooter, which could travel at 114 kilometers per hour. Then, he created the world's fastest baby carriage, with a top speed of 48 kilometers per hour. Furze has brought joy to many with his cool machines. Hopefully, viewers can continue watching this mad genius and his amazing creations in action for years to come.


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