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Cafés with alternative pricing models are starting to pop up all over the world.



  Have you ever been to a café where everything is free? At Ziferblat, the Internet connection, food, tea, and coffee are all free of charge. You can even bring in your own food and drinks. What's the catch, though?

  你曾經去過所有東西都是免費的咖啡廳嗎? Ziferblat,網路連線、食物、茶以及咖啡全都免費。你甚至可以帶你自己的食物和飲料入內享用。然而,這其中暗藏什麼玄機呢?

Ziferblat charges their customers based on time rather than by the item. Each customer clocks in when they arrive and out when they leave. At the end of their stay in the café, they are charged for the time they spent there. This means they are free to spend as much time as they want at Ziferblat, enjoying all they have to offer.

  Ziferblat 以時間而非餐點為基礎向客人收費。每一位客人進出咖啡廳都要打卡計時。他們要離開咖啡廳時,店家會依他們在那裡所花的時間收費。這表示他們可以在 Ziferblat 隨心所欲地想待多久就待多久,盡情享用咖啡廳提供的一切東西。

  This chain of cafés started in Moscow. In fact, the word ziferblat means clock face in Russian. The model lets customers do what they want while they are in the store. Customers can work silently in the corner, meet with a group of business partners or friends, go over homework with classmates, or even have a first date. Thus far, Ziferblat's alternative, pay-by-the-minute pricing model has been successful. The chain now has 14 locations in countries around the world, including Russia, the UK, Ukraine, and more.

  這間連鎖咖啡廳創始於莫斯科。事實上,ziferfblat 在俄語的意思是「鐘面」。這種模式的咖啡廳讓客人在店裡能夠做任何他們想做的事。客人可以安靜地待在角落裡工作、和一群事業夥伴或朋友會面、與同學一起複習功課,甚至進行第一次約會。到目前為止,Ziferblat另類的以分計費模式很成功。這間連鎖咖啡廳在世界各國共有十四間分店,包括了俄羅斯、英國及烏克蘭等等。


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