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 When you have a cold, you go to the local drugstore and pick up some medicine. When you are under the weather, the doctor at your neighborhood clinic will treat you. However, many people in the world don't have health care. There is no one in their hometown or even in the next town to help with basic health problems. Riders for Health is an organization that is out to put an end to this situation one kilometer at a time.

感冒的時候會去您當地的藥局買藥。身體不舒服時,您家附近診所的醫生會為您診治。然而,世上有許多人得不到醫療保健。他們的家鄉甚或鄰鎮都無人可以幫忙處理基本的健康問題。Riders for Health 這個組織正力圖一次奔馳一小段路、逐漸終結這樣的情況。


Many medical supplies are given to countries in need. However, transporting them is hard, especially to remote towns that can only be reached by long, rough roads. Even if vehicles are available, they have a history of breaking down, and seldom is there anyone who can repair them. Luckily, Riders for Health is providing vehicles and vehicle care in Africa, which keeps them running as well as medical supplies and professionals moving. Daily vehicle checks, training for mechanics and drivers, and setting high standards are what make the system work. The organization also provides local jobs and teaches the community about preventive maintenance. Riders for Health is helping to change the world by keeping it running. 

許多醫療補給品會被分送到有需要的國家。然而運送這些藥品的過程艱鉅,尤其是送到那些僅能透過漫長崎嶇的道路才可抵達的偏遠鄉鎮。即使有了交通工具,這些車輛也屢次故障,而且鮮少有人會修理。幸運的是,Riders for Health在非洲提供了車輛及維修服務,使得車子能繼續奔馳,醫療補給和專業人士也能順利移動。每日的車輛檢查、技工與駕駛的訓練、再加上訂定的高標準,都是讓這套系統運作得當的祕訣。這個組織也為當地提供工作機會,並且教導當地社區關於預防保養的觀念。Riders for Health讓世界保持移動,藉此改變整個世界。

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