KaDeTe: The Supermarket for Start-ups 大開眼界!最新最炫都在這!

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This is where to go for the newest, hippest foods in the world—and the rest of the groceries, too.

這裡是你能找到世上最新、最炫食物的地方 —— 還有其他的食品雜貨。


It can be challenging to get a new company started, especially in the food industry. Starting a new drink or food brand has been very expensive. How do companies get new products to the public without spending a fortune on marketing and testing? To serve the public and business people with new ideas, a supermarket called KaDeTe only sells new products from food start-ups.

要開創一家新公司可能會很有挑戰性,尤其在食品業。開發新款飲料或食物一向所費不貲。公司要如何不在營銷和測試產品上花費大筆資金就能讓社會大眾接觸到新產品呢?為了提供新點子給社會大眾和商人,一家叫做 KaDeTe 的超市只賣新創食品公司的新產品。


 The name of the store comes from Kaufhaus des Testens (testing store in German), and it is more than just a place to sell new products. It also gives small business owners a chance to test their products, packaging, and marketing with actual customers to make their products even better. Customers get access to new products, while brands that are trying to get their foot in the door receive customer feedback. It’s a win-win! The first KaDeTe opened its doors in Berlin in March 2018, with more than 200 new brands signing up at launch time. Before long, you might see amazing new products hit the world market that started out by testing the waters at KaDeTe. 

這家超市的名字來自 Kaufhaus des Testens(德文意思為「測試商店」),它不只是一家賣新產品的店。它也提供小規模企業主一個機會和實際顧客一起測試他們的產品、包裝及營銷來讓產品更好。顧客可以買到新產品,而試著想打入市場的品牌則會收到顧客的回饋意見。這是雙贏!第一家 KaDeTe 超市於 2018 年三月在柏林開始營運,在開幕時就有兩百多個新商標登記註冊。不久,你可能就會看到許多在 KaDeTe 超市投石問路後的新奇產品打入全球市場。

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