Atmospheric harvesters will enable arid nations to drink from thin air-大氣收穫機可讓乾旱國家從空氣中獲取飲水






Earths atmosphere contains an estimated 13 trillion liters of water vapor at any given time thats the equivalent to 10 percent of all of the planets available surface freshwater.




A newly developed sorbent has recently shown that it can harvest atmospheric moisture even when the relative humidity drops to around 10 percent. Under those conditions, that works out to around three liters of water for every million liters of air.




Created by a collaborative team from MIT and UC Berkeley, this proof of concept device uses a metal-organic framework MOFs, a material invented in the 1990s by UC Berkeley chemistry professor Omar Yaghi. Depending on the metal and organic molecules used, chemists can control what gases will bind to the MOF and how strong those connections will be.




The device itself is a simple design with two main partsthe absorption layer aka the MOF and an enclosed, an air-cooled condenser. The backside of the MOF is painted black, to operate as a solar absorber.



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