The Oldest Restaurant in the World西班牙波丁餐廳:世界最老 —— 沒有之一!




Get a taste of history by traveling to this historic restaurant.


 If you are looking to take a bite out of history, you can try a meal at Sobrino de Botin—the world’s oldest restaurant. This restaurant was first opened in Madrid, Spain, in 1725 and has been in business for 293 years straight!

 如果你想嚐一口歷史的滋味,那麼你可以試試在波丁餐廳 —— 世界最古老的餐廳裡用餐。這家餐廳最初於 1725 年在西班牙馬德里市開幕,至今已持續營業了兩百九十三年!


Sobrino de Botin started off as a small inn. Back then, inns couldn’t sell meat, wine, and other dishes to guests. The owners could only cook what guests brought with them. Now, however, guests can order delicious food made from old Spanish recipes, like roast lamb with potatoes.



Even though the restaurant is very old, many parts have not changed at all. It is still in the same location where it was built in the 16th century. The wood oven is nearly 300 years old and is used to cook most meals. The dark stone basementis filled with dusty bottles of wine. Sobrino de Botin’s owners don’t plan on making any changes any time soon. They believe it’s important to maintain traditions. Many people seem to agree because the restaurant remains one of the most famous in Spain.


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