It’s hard for a single cabin manager to handle an emergency situation on a train 僅一名列車長難以處理列車上的緊急情況






A Korail manual that requires cabin attendants to consult a manager before evacuating passengers delayed the evacuation on the derailed KTX train last week, according to a cabin attendant. The Seoul-bound train went off the tracks shortly after it left Gangneung station, Saturday.



At the time of the accident, two staff members the attendant and a cabin manager were aboard the train, according to Korail. The cabin manager was in the first car and the attendant in the third. Passengers in the first and second cars were ordered by the cabin manager to leave the train, while those in the third were initially told to stay. It took some 10 minutes before passengers in the third car were evacuated.



"Because an attendant doesn’t have the authority, we can only evacuate passengers upon instructions from the manager or (Korail) staff. As I couldn’t reach the manager through radio, I ran to the second car, and evacuated the passengers upon the manager’s orders," the attendant told local media.



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