Being an Actor Is Harder Than It Looks


The image of an actor or actress is that they all live the good life. As it turns out,however, being on the silver screen actually takes a whole lot of work before the cameras even start rolling. Renee Zellweger is one of the most sought-after actresses in show business. While getting ready to shoot Bridget Jones'Diary, she prepared for her role as a publishing industry employee by going undercover at an actual London publisher. Academy Award winning actor Tom Hanks also knows a thing or two about throwing himself into a role. As the lead in the hit movie, Cast Away, Hanks had to lose 55 pounds to take on the look of a man surviving years alone on a deserted island. He also spent weeks filming in water that was up to his neck. Still think being in movies is glamorous?
大家對男女演員的印象是他們都過著優渥的生活。然而,原來在電影正式開拍前,要登上大銀幕其實要花相當多的工夫。芮妮•齊薇格是演藝圈中最受歡迎的女演員之一。她要拍《BJ 單身日記》時,她為了揣摩出版業員工的角色,私底下曾去造訪倫敦一家真正的出版社。
曾贏得奧斯卡金像獎的演員湯姆•漢克斯對於全心投入一個角色之中也頗有心得。(編按:know a thing or two表示對某事相當有經驗。)湯姆•漢克斯是賣座大片《浩劫重生》的男主角,他必須減重五十五磅來讓自己看起來像在孤島上獨自生存數年的男人。他也花了數週的時間在水深到脖子的水裡拍攝電影。現在還覺得拍電影十分光鮮亮麗嗎?


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