Krav Maga Self-Defense


On May 21, a university student went on a random stabbing frenzy on Taipei’s MRT Bannan Line, which killed four and wounded at least 20 others. Panicked passengers did their best to flee the situation, but many were not so lucky. In the aftermath of the event, many Taipei citizens went to the Internet to express their eagerness to learn self-defense in case such an event were to happen again.
Rob Hipple, a mixed-martial arts instructor, offers free self-defense classes on Sundays at Sun Yet-sen Memorial Hall. Hipple instructs students in the Israeli self-defense system of Krav Maga. This form of martial arts was developed for military purposes and is quite useful in defending against knife attacks.
Rob Hipple 是一位綜合格鬥教練,他每個禮拜天在國父紀念館免費教授防身術。Hipple 指導學生以色列搏擊防身術系統裡的防身技巧。這種武術是因軍事上的用途而被發展出來的,在抵禦刀械攻擊上十分有用。


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