Where Are the Eggs?  蛋到哪去了?

Debbie Rinehart




Hampton Creek is a smart, new company in California that's making a splash in the food industry. It produces foods such as mayonnaise and cookies using plant-based products as a substitute for eggs. The company's goal is to reduce the number of eggs eaten around the world. Why?

位於加州的聰明新公司Hampton Creek正在食品業引起轟動。它使用以植物為主的產品來取代雞蛋,製造出像美乃滋和餅乾之類的食品。這間公司的目標是減少世界各地雞蛋的食用量。為什麼呢?


The egg industry wastes precious natural resources and pollutes the environment. In addition, hens that are raised to produce eggs are kept together in small spaces. Not only is this cruel, but it could also cause the start of diseases such as avian flu. Lastly, taking eggs out of the diet can lead to better health, especially in countries where people eat a lot of meat.


The company is currently developing new products as well as putting an effort into convincing other food companies to go eggless. Although not everyone is ready to give up chicken eggs, Hampton Creek's efforts may be a step in the right direction for a healthier and cleaner future.

這間公司目前除了開發新產品之外,也致力於說服其他食品公司走向無蛋化。雖然不是所有人都準備好要放棄雞蛋,但Hampton Creek公司的努力可能是朝向更健康、更乾淨未來邁進所做的正確一步。

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