Good Fortune Bites 幸運餅乾。驚喜無限




  They are a fun addition to any meal, and these tasty treats could hold the key to what lies ahead. Who knew that so much information could be stored inside a tiny cookie?


  In the United States, many people think fortune cookies are a Chinese invention1. That is because they are served in nearly every Chinese restaurant from New York City to New Mexico. However, they actually originated2 in the 19th century in Kyoto, Japan. There, chefs would slip a tiny slip of paper into the bend of the cookie, containing a random3 prediction4 of things to come.


  Somewhere around the turn of the 20th century, fortune cookies were introduced to the US. Makoto Hagiwara of the Japanese Tea Garden restaurant in San Francisco is widely believed to have been the first to offer them to his customers. The idea was a big hit, and today these treats have even made the jump to the big screen. In the hit film, Freaky Friday, a mother and daughter switch bodies due to an enchanted5 fortune cookie. The next time you head out for a meal, do not skip dessert. It just might tell you what's coming around the corner.



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