The Man Behind Amazon  時代巨擘亞馬遜 —— 傑夫‧貝佐斯


  From a very early age, the man who would one day create showed signs of logical thinking. When he was still wearing diapers1, Jeff Bezos tried to take his crib2 apart with a screwdriver3. Later, he figured out how to hook up an electric alarm to keep his younger brother and sister out of his room. He also turned his parents' garage into a laboratory for his science experiments.
  Bezos was born on January 12, 1964, in New Mexico to a teenage mother whose marriage only lasted a year. His mother remarried when her son was four years old, with the family eventually moving to Texas and then Florida. He later attended Princeton University and studied physics. However, he decided that he would never become a great physicist4. He changed majors and then graduated in 1986 with a Bachelor5 of Science degree in electrical engineering and computer science. He worked hard and went on to work in the computer science field for Wall Street firms. He earned good money and became an executive6 for a company called Bankers Trust and then for an investment company called DE Shaw and Co. It was at DE Shaw that he made the decision to start a company that would become the world's biggest Internet retailer7,
  貝佐斯於 1964 年一月十二號出生於新墨西哥州,由一位婚姻僅維持了一年的十幾歲母親所生下。他母親再婚時,貝佐斯四歲,他們最後全家搬到德州,然後又搬到佛州。之後他上普林斯頓大學讀物理學。然而,他認為他並不會成為一位傑出物理學家。他轉系,然後於 1986 年以電機系和資工系理學士畢業。他十分努力,接著在資工領域替華爾街的公司工作。他賺了許多錢,成為了一家叫『銀行家信托公司』的執行長,接著又在一家名為『德劭』的投資公司當執行長。就是在『德劭』期間他決定要開一家公司,成為世上最大的網路零售商 —— 亞馬遜公司。

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