Hats off to the Hackers  網路安全守門員 —— 白帽駭客




   Whenever we hear the term computer hacker, the image of people using black market software to steal personal information comes to mind. There is another side to hacking2, though. White hat hackers, as they are known, are out to prove that computer hacking does have a good side after all.


  What does a white hat hacker spend his or her day doing? The same thing any other computer hacker doestrying to gain access3 to a system or network they are not supposed to get into. There is one major difference, however. White hat hackers are actually on the payroll4 of companies that pay them to show the weaknesses in their internal network security. This can include anything from searching through user email accounts for passwords to going through desktop trash bins for sensitive files.

  白帽駭客的一天是怎麼度過的呢?他們和任何其他的電腦駭客都會做同一件事情 —— 就是試圖侵入他們不該進入的系統或電腦網路。然而,其中有一個很大的差異。白帽駭客其實是企業給薪雇用來找出他們內部電腦網路保全的弱點。這可以涵蓋從搜尋用戶電子郵件帳號找出密碼,到在電腦桌面的資源回收桶裡找出敏感的檔案。

  Some of the best white hat hackers today were formerly on the wrong side of the law. Luckily for them, their skills were in high demand from companies and even governments that want to make sure their net security is not full of holes. What does it take to become a white hat hacker? Full knowledge of computer coding5 language, as well as a highly analytic6 mind, is a big advantage. For computer nerds7, there is no more challenging or rewarding8 job than being a white hat hacker.


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