The Beret 時尚‧藝術‧貝雷帽




  You have seen them before on artists and army officers in movies. They keep the head warm while making you look cool. What other fashion accessory has lasted as long as the beret?


  We can thank the ancient Greeks for this gift to fashion. The Greeks first began wearing beret-style caps in the 5th century BC. Back then, berets were worn because they were practical, not fashionable. Since berets have no seams, they were useful for keeping soldiers' and workers' heads dry when working outdoors. Later, the Romans adopted this hat style and introduced its current flat shape. The cap quickly spread throughout the Roman Empire and became a status symbol for the high class.


  In modern times, no country is more closely associated with the beret than France. Records indicate that the French first wore the beret in the Basque and Bearn regions. To this day, young men in the province of Bearn receive a beret as a gift upon entering adulthood. For the rest of us, however, a beret is just a hat that expresses our creative side.


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