Human Libraries   真人圖書館 -- 每個人都是一本書!




   Libraries have always been where we go for knowledge. After the invention of the Internet, however, libraries may not seem as important anymore. Therefore, some libraries have had to come up with new ways to stay interesting; one such idea is the human library.


At a human library, books are not the only things being checked out. Human libraries feature volunteers who act much like a book. Readers can reserve a short time with a human book, who is a person willing to volunteer his or her time to talk to library guests. During that time, the two people can have a one-on-one conversation. This gives people a chance to interact and ask questions of people who may have very different experiences to share. Instead of reading a book, people can hear real-life stories being told directly by a person who has lived a full life.


  The first human libraries appeared in Denmark back in 2000. The idea is catching on, with public libraries in the United States and Australia also holding human library events. Library guests get to listen to stories and ideas from respected members of their communities, and human books get a chance to share their experiences. Together, both reader and "book" promote the library. Everyone benefits from these exchanges of grace and knowledge.

  第一座真人圖書館在 2000 年出現於丹麥。隨著美國與澳洲的公共圖書館也開始舉辦真人圖書館的活動後,這個點子逐漸流行了起來。圖書館訪客有機會聽到他們社區裡受敬重的成員口中的故事和想法,而真人圖書也得到分享經驗的機會。讀者與『圖書』共同推廣了圖書館。每個人都從這些文雅與知識的交流中獲益。

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