Google Glass May Help Autistic Children Understand Emotions Google眼鏡可能幫助自閉兒童讀懂情緒






Stanford University researchers are using Google Glass to help autistic children analyze faces and alert them to the emotions they’re expressing.




Like many autistic children, Julian Brown has trouble reading emotions in people’s faces. He is one of about 100 autistic children participating in the study to see if "autism glass" therapy can improve their ability to interpret facial expressions.




When the devices camera detects an emotion such as happiness or sadness, Julian sees the word "happy" or "sad" or a corresponding "emoji" flash on the glass display. The device also tests his ability to read facial expressions.




"The autism glass program is meant to teach children with autism how to understand what a face is telling them. And we believe they will become more socially engaged," said Dennis Wall, who directs the study.




The study is still in its early stages but Wall said "If the study shows positive results, the technology could become commercially available within a couple years."



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