The reasons for South Korean archers dominance 南韓射箭選手稱霸的原由






They did not lose a single set on their way to two gold medals. South Korea’s men’s and women’s archery teams showed off their athletic prowess as they won their events in this year’s Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.




This was the eighth consecutive victory in the Olympic team events for South Korea’s female archers. Systematic training backed by scientific analysis is thought to be the driving force behind the series of perfect victories by South Korea’s archers.




South Korea’s archery team practiced at an archery range in the Taereung athletes’ village that was a close replica of the actual range in Rio. The electronic scoreboard and the signals were also designed to look identical to the ones at the actual archery range. So that the archers could adjust to the noise of the crowd and nighttime lighting, they practiced at Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul, where professional baseball games are played. To prepare for the contingency of a strong wind, they also deliberately shot arrows on windy and rainy days.




On top of this, the athletes’ brain waves were measured as they watched videos that depicted events at the archery range, and they were given psychological treatment to help them achieve peace of mind.




The athletes responded to this support by throwing themselves into a grueling training regimen.



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