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This dark fantasy is a reason why we should all live in fear of the Titans.



  Imagine a world where people live in cities behind tall walls. Outside those walls are giant creatures called the Titans monsters set on destroying mankind. This is the scary world of the popular manga Attack on Titan.

  想像一個世界,在這個世界裡,人們居住在高牆後的城市中。在這些高牆外有著被稱為巨人的巨大生物 ── 決心要摧毀人類的怪物。這便是廣受歡迎的漫畫《進擊的巨人》中可怕的世界。

Attack on Titan first appeared in 2009 in a popular Japanese magazine and has since spread all over the world. At first, the story follows Eren, his adopted sister Mikasa, and his friend Armin. They all join the army to fight the Titans after they are attacked by the huge humanoids.

2009 年,《進擊的巨人》首度於一本流行的日本雜誌中出現,且自那時起便已遍及全球各地。起初,該故事跟隨著艾連、他的義姊米卡莎以及他的好友阿爾敏一同展開。在他們被這些超大人形生物攻擊之後,他們全都加入軍隊以對抗巨人。  

As the story goes on, however, readers come to see that everything is not black and white when it comes to the Titans. Some humans can even change into Titans. It is all very strange and exciting.


  In the past seven years, Attack on Titan has gone beyond manga, becoming several novel series, an anime series, and even movies. The manga alone has over 52.5 million copies in print, mostly in Japan. It was recently announced that season two of the Attack on Titan series on TV will come out sometime in 2017.

過去七年以來,《進擊的巨人》已經超越漫畫,成為數個小說系列、一部動畫系列,甚至是電影。這部漫畫已發行五千兩百五十多萬冊,大多都是在日本。最近宣布在電視上播映的《進擊的巨人》系列第二季將會在 2017 年某個時候上映。

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