Swim, Bike, Run: A Guide to Triathlons 三合一鐵人三項比賽




  As the start gun goes off, all the athletes jump into the water to swim nearly a mile. Then, they quickly dry off and hop onto their bikes for a 25-mile ride. Finally, they change once more and hit the pavement for a 6.2-mile run. Eventually, the athletes that cross the finish line can proudly tell their family and friends that they just completed an Olympic distance triathlon.


  Why would anyone want to swim, bike, and run all in one race? The answer dates back to France in the 1920s. An event called Les Trois Sports, or the Three Sports, saw athletes pushing themselves to be the best they could be in more than one field. The first modern triathlon was held in Mission Bay in San Diego, California in 1974. Now, there are a number of organizations that put on triathlons around the globe. Athletes that compete in triathlons want to maintain their physical fitness. Triathletes also believe that training for three events is better than for only one. Since the exercises are rotated during training, there is less chance of injury. In addition, swimming and biking have less of an impact on the athletes' bodies than running on a regular basis.

  怎麼會有人想在一個比賽裡同時游泳、騎自行車和跑步呢?這個答案可追溯到1920年代的法國。在一項稱為Les Trois Sports(法文,三項體育)或是三項運動的賽事中,可以見到選手們在不只一項的領域裡盡力表現自己最好的一面。第一屆現代鐵人三項比賽於1974年在加州聖地亞哥市的米申灣舉行。現在,有若干組織會在世界各地籌辦鐵人三項比賽。參加鐵人三項比賽的選手都想維持自己的體能。鐵人三項比賽的運動員也認為,訓練三項賽事優於單項。由於在訓練的過程中練習的項目一直輪流交替,因此受傷的機會較小。此外,游泳和騎自行車對運動員身體的衝擊比經常跑步來的小。

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