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  Some city officials think it is best to leave the past where it belongs. They tear down old buildings for new ones and put precious items and art in museums, then move on. Some cities, however, do their part to keep history alive. The French Canadian city of Montreal, Quebec, is just such a place.


  Montreal is actually an island on the St. Lawrence River. The land was first settled by First Nations peoples about 4,000 years ago. Later, in 1611, the French explorer Samuel de Champlain set up a trading post there, and the French period in the island's history began.

  蒙特婁事實上是位在聖羅倫斯河上的一座小島。這座小島首先在距今四千年前由『第一民族』(編按:這是加拿大境內民族的通稱,指的是在現今加拿大境內的北美洲原住民及其子孫)在此定居。後來,在 1611 年,法國探險家山謬‧德‧尚普蘭在當地設立了貿易站,開啟了小島歷史上的法國統治時期。

  Thanks to the French influence, parts of modern Montreal make visitors feel like they are in Europe rather than Canada. The area known as Old Montreal is known for its many famous landmarks. The Notre-Dame Basilica is an excellent example of Gothic architecture. Then at the Old Port of Montreal, the Montreal Clock Tower is a must-see as it watches over the waters of the St. Lawrence.


  Of course, no visit to Montreal would be complete without seeing Canada's most historic hockey team, the Canadiens. If you want to see what Canada looked like long before it was a country, Montreal can't be beat.

  當然,沒看到加拿大最具歷史意義的冰上曲棍球隊 -- 加拿大人隊,那你就不算完整地拜訪過蒙特婁。如果你想一窺加拿大建國之前的風貌,蒙特婁是再好不過的選擇。

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