Alex Chinneck: The Master of Illusion▼  視覺幻象藝術高手 —— 艾利克斯‧欽內克




One artist creates temporary art that challenges the mind.



  One of the goals of public art, including sculpture, is to change the way we see the world around us. A moving piece of art can change our way of thinking, make us question reality, or at least brighten our day. One of the best at doing this is England's Alex Chinneck.


  As a young man, Chinneck's first dream was to be a professional cricket player. By the age of 16, though, that dream was replaced by his desire to be an artist. After studying painting at the Chelsea College of Arts in London, he quickly got into sculpture, and he hasn't looked back since.


  Chinneck is known for his large-scale sculptures in and around London that challenge how people look at buildings in the city. In one such piece, Take My Lightning but Don't Steal My Thunder, he created a building that looks like it is floating in the air. In another, A Pound of Flesh for 50p, he created a two-story house made entirely out of wax. Then, over the course of two months, the life-size house slowly melted away.

  欽內克以其出現在倫敦市內或周圍的大型雕刻作品而聞名,而這些雕刻品也挑戰了人們看待市內建築物的角度。在一件稱為《Take My Lightning but Don't Steal My Thunder》的如此作品中,他創造了一棟看似飄浮在空中的建築物。在另一件名為《A Pound of Flesh for 50p》的作品裡,他創造了一棟完全用蠟做成的兩層樓房子。後來,這棟與實物一樣大小的房子在兩個月內慢慢地融化掉了。

  Chinneck's works are almost always weird and fun, and his aim is to bring some joy into people's everyday lives.


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