It turns out that plants also have a brain-植物竟然也有腦






The plants have a long and unexpected line of evolution. Earth plants were formed 450 million years ago. The first flowers appeared in the Cretaceous period. During this time, the plants developed some striking features, and, as the last study carried out by the University of Birmingham shows, the "brain" could also be one of them.




True, this brain is not in the sense in which it exists, for example, in animals. In plants, it is a set of cells acting as a kind of command center. It was found that these cells, found in sprouts, make key decisions in terms of the life cycle of the plant.




Describing the discovery in the journal "Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences", the researchers took as an example a plant called Arabidopsis. Its command center consists of two kinds of cells – some cause the seed to remain inactive, and others initiate germination.




Using hormones to transmit information, in almost the same way as brain nerve cells do, plant cells evaluate the surrounding conditions and decide when to start the so-called birth process.




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