What's in a Name?  名字學問大

Mike Corsini




What's your name? According to some scientists, your answer to this question can influence your future.



Just as our accents and clothes tell the world something about who we are, so our names allow others to make assumptions about us. One US study shows that children with names associated with low-social-status groups are expected to achieve less than kids who don't have such names. Since our identities are partly shaped by how society views us, a child who is expected to fail will likely fulfill such expectations.



Other research suggests that a name can also determine a person's career choice. A large number of dentists named Dennis and lawyers named Lauren in the United States was noted in one study. It has also been shown that women with feminine names tend to study the humanities, while those with less feminine names are more likely to take math or science courses.



Despite such findings, some still think that our names have no significant influence on our future. Additional facts about a person, such as his or her abilities or personality, can reduce the first impression created by that person's name.



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