Computer Programmers—Creating the Future Today程式設計師──擔負今天創造未來的使命




Advances in technology have made computers perform at ever higher levels in processing information and solving problems. However, no matter how "smart" computers may get, they still need people to tell them what to do. Those who do the telling are called computer programmers.



Programmers are similar to writers, but instead of writing sentences, they write codes, or step-by-step instructions that computers read to function correctly. Just as sentences can make up the parts of a book, codes form a program, which is the programmer's finished product.



You might imagine programmers as solitary folks who spend hours in front of a computer. However, this describes just one part of their job. At the start of a project, programmers usually meet with designers, artists, and clients to understand the requirements for the program. Then, programmers may draw diagrams to work out the program's structure. Once this is done, the code-writing process begins. This can take hours or months to complete, depending on the program's complexity.



Finally, programmers test programs repeatedly to check for errors. This is an important stage in the process since programmers are responsible for their program's smooth running.


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