The Most Talented Person in Show Business綜藝界之神 ── 詹姆士‧科登 



James Corden has worked hard to become one of the best hosts in late night television. 


 James Corden is a person of many talents. In his career, he has succeeded as an actor, a writer, and a comedian. However, he's probably best known as the host of the greatest karaoke show on wheels.

詹姆士‧科登是一個才華洋溢的人。在他的職業生涯中,他成功地扮演了演員、作家和喜劇演員等角色。然而,他最知名的可能是身為最強大的車上卡拉 OK 節目主持人。


Corden was born in 1978 in London, England. From a young age, he knew that he wanted to entertain people. Corden didn't really care what he was doing, as long as other people could enjoy his performances. As a child, he took acting and dancing lessons after school. Corden's hard work paid off when he landedhis first acting role at age 18 in the musical Martin Guerre. Although his character only had one line, it was a good start. From there, he slowly moved on to bigger and bigger roles.

科登於 1978 年出生於英國倫敦市。他從小便知道他想要給他人帶來歡樂。科登不太在乎自己做什麼,只要其他人喜歡他的表演。年幼時,他在放學後上表演和舞蹈課。科登十八歲在音樂劇《馬丁‧蓋爾》得到第一個表演角色時,他的努力便獲得了回報。雖然他的角色只有一句臺詞,這也是一個好的開始。從那時起,他慢慢地走向越來越重要的角色。


Corden finally got his break in 2004 when he was selected for The History Boys, a movie about young students preparing for their college entrance exams. He made his way onto TV two years later on the hit show Gavin & Stacey. In addition to writing the show, he also played one of the leading roles, proving he had what it takes to succeed in show business.

科登的機運終於在 2004 年被《不羈吧!男孩》相中時來臨,那是一部關於年輕學生們準備大學入學考試的電影。兩年後,他成功登上了電視的熱門節目《Gavin & Stacey》。除了撰寫該劇的劇本外,他還扮演其中一位主角,這證明了他具備要在演藝界大紅大紫的所有條件。

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