Tourists go off the beaten path on North Korea’s sacred volcano/觀光客赴北韓聖山尋幽





Foreign tourists looking to go off the beaten path in North Korea can now camp out on the country’s biggest volcano.



Hoping to open up a side of North Korea rarely seen by outsiders, a New Zealander who has extensive experience climbing the mountains of North and South Korea is leading the first group of foreign tourists allowed to trek off road and camp out under the stars on Mount Paektu, a huge volcano that straddles the border that separates China and North Korea.



Mount Paektu is revered in the North for its links to the ruling Kim family and is considered the spiritual home of the Korean revolution.



"Out here it’s very apolitical. There’s no need for the nonsense out here. We’re all trying to do the same thing. Work together as a team, pitch tents, eat together walk together. In my experience that’s a good way for these guys to see the real people of this country," Roger Shepherd, founder of Hike Korea said.



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