The Leonardo da Vinci of Doodle Art 塗鴉藝術界的達文西




Take a look at the work of this one-of-a-kind artist.



  Englands Sam Cox is a special artist. The 24-year-olds masterpieces arent landscape paintings, portraits, or amazing sculptures. Instead, he creates doodles, which are small pictures and patterns that he draws quickly, on everything he sees. As a result, people call him Mr. Doodle.

 英國的山姆‧卡克斯是位特別的藝術家。這名二十四歲的藝術家最傑出的作品並非風景畫、人物肖像或是驚人的雕塑。他圖繪的反而是由小圖畫及圖案所組成的塗鴉,這些塗鴉被他快速地畫在一切所見之物上。因此,人們稱他為 ── 塗鴉先生。


  Once Cox began doodling as a child, he couldnt stop. It helped him burn off energy and allowed him to express himself. At first, he drew his little pictures on schoolbooks, walls, and furniture. Today, his art appears on cars, clothing, and anything else you can imagine. Cox says that, on average, he doodles for about 15 hours every day.



  In some ways, Coxs art is simple. He usually uses a black marker to draw on a white background. However, he mixes lots of strange symbols and crazy characters together. When people look at his work, its like solving a puzzle. They have to spend time trying to figure out what’s going on in each scene. Although Cox’s art seems silly, it has a message. He hopes his work will remind people not to take life so seriously.


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