Koreas 1st artificial rain experiment over the Yellow Sea ends in failure 韓國首次黃海人造雨實驗以失敗作收






South Korea’s first artificial rain experiment over the Yellow Sea to analyze its effect on reducing fine dust concentrations has ended in failure, the government announced Monday.




The Korea Meteorological Administration and the Ministry of Environment said that their research institutes conducted the artificial precipitation experiment over the sea about 110 km southwest of Gunsan, a port of North Jeolla Province, but with little success.




It was confirmed that the size of the precipitation particles increased in the clouds but no rain or snow was observed from the weather ship and terrestrial observatories, the two agencies said. Despite the failure, however, they said the experiment was an opportunity to accumulate technology to accelerate the practical use of artificial precipitation. They also said they will conduct 14 more artificial rain experiments this year.



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